Privacy Policy

What you will get out of this site is accurate and truthful information. Our privacy of our visitors is extremely important to us. This Privacy Policy outlines the importance of our/visitors personal and private information. The Privacy Policy is reviewed and revised time to time. Blogging stands by the First Amendment and any action taken will violate the First Amendment Rights.

We do NOT share any personal or private information collected. This blog lets the company know how customers are effected in/about situations that don't get resolved properly. As a First Amendment action to fight back instead of spending $1,000s on a class action law suit, this Amendment saves money and time. Any stolen information or violent behavior will be reported to the FBI.

1. Information Collected:
*Voting results
*General area of visitors

2. Voting Rules:
Poll questions shall be proof based answered by other viewers/visitors, Owner shall not encourage others to vote or vote a certain way, poll answers will be proof based on this blog for certain questions, others determined by beliefs,reviews or other determination by voter.

3. What You Can't Do.
*Spam is NOT tolerated.
*No stealing content.
*No misusing any personal information shown.

4. What You Can Do.
*Share blog with others appropriately.
*Share on any social media network site or any others out there.
*Post comments.
*Use any links linked on site.
*Participate in voting.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or want more information or have any other questions, feel free to contact us at